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Nairobi to SGR Terminus

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Astoundingly, most people do not know that the Nairobi SGR terminus is not in the CBD. Instead, it is located south of the capital, in Syokimau. Technically, it is in Nairobi, just not at the most convenient location.

You will have to board a public transportation vehicle and head to the terminus when you get to CBD. The trip will take you 1 hour on a good day, and longer if there’s traffic. And let’s not even get to all the disadvantages of using public transportation.

Alternatively, you could get a good taxi service from the CBD to the Nairobi terminus. Getting a taxi is convenient and ensures you won’t have to deal with all the shortcomings of public transportation.

Nairobi To SGR Transfers

Think of our taxi service as the best way to get to the Nairobi SGR terminus because that’s what we aim for. Prepare to feel a whole lot better during your transfer to the terminus. We offer only the best to those heading for their vacations and work trips on the coast.
You can first expect timely pick up per the arrangement. Our driver will be waiting at the determined location, ready to take you to the terminus. We will share all details of the vehicle and driver with you. This way, you can ride confidently.

Expect a smooth ride to the terminus. Even if you get into traffic, it won’t be as noticeable because you will be in a comfortable car, with lots of space for you to sit, even when traveling with friends.

Moreover, we are careful to set up a good schedule. We account for traffic and potential issues that may arise so we can get you to the terminus in time for your train ride. You will never have to be late again!

Don’t Hesitate, Call Us For A Ride!

You are one click away from a reliable and trusted ride. You are guaranteed a safe and swift transfer to the Nairobi terminus by choosing our services.

And don’t worry about the price because we strive to keep everything affordable. We offer competitive fees on all our transfers so you can ride affordably each time.

All our drivers are certified, with relevant driving experience. Furthermore, they have the advantage of local geography, so you won’t end up at a roadblock or area with lots of traffic. So the next time you need a safe ride to the Nairobi SGR terminus, call us.

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