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Diani Beach to Mariakani SGR Terminals

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Some of the people traveling from Diani love going by train. After all, the SGR has proven to be a fantastic experience for locals and foreign travelers. And many go to the Mariakani SGR terminal to catch the train.

But getting there is not a 20-minute drive. Instead, you should be on the road for two and a half hours. While this is not a long drive, it can feel like six hours if you are stuck in the wrong vehicle.

We don’t want your experience to be less than enjoyable. That is why we encourage travelers to pick the right transportation service.

Now you may be thinking, ‘it’s just a transfer; how bad can it be?’ It can get pretty bad from getting to the terminus late or losing some of your luggage in traffic. These inconveniences will ruin an otherwise perfect trip.

We encourage you to take the safer option by choosing our taxi services. We guarantee that you and your luggage will arrive safely and in time for your train ride. Our drivers are ready to take you to the terminal at a moment’s notice.

Always choose the smooth ride over potential inconvenience. We have reliable experience and geographical knowledge to provide you with ideal taxi services. Rest assured that you will get to the terminus in good time.

The driver will pick you up at your beach hotel accommodation at the determined time. Your driver will help you load your luggage and ensure you are comfortable before starting the ride.

You will go on a short road trip to the terminal. You can let the driver know of any air conditioning or speed adjustment instructions on your journey. Our drivers will listen to your instructions and follow through. Our mission is to give you a comfortable experience.

You should arrive in good time, ready for your train ride.

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If our guarantee has not convinced you yet, then we hope you come for the affordable services. Diani Taxi Services offer all our transfers at an affordable price. Our prices remain competitive per industry standards, and you will receive a quote before the trip to help you prepare better.

More than that, we hope to form a partnership with vacationers of Diani beach. We love long-term relationships, and we only promise the best for our clients. So call us today for a quick transfer.

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