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Everything your taxi business needs is already here.
Diani Taxi Services for you.

Are you considering a fun way to travel from your taxi service like ours to transfer you to the city. There are many advantages of choosing a taxi service which we will outline. But first, learn a little more about your business.

Who Are We?

We are a taxi service operating in Kenya’s major urban and coastal cities. We offer a safe and reliable ride to anyone who desires luxury, convenience, and safety during road trips.

Our motivation lies in the community. We want travelers exploring our beautiful country to feel safe and comfortable traveling by road. Therefore, we offer luxurious taxi services to vacationers and working professionals moving from city to city.

Our goal is to serve all major cities in Kenya. We hope to move to neighboring east Africa and eventually become the face of reliable taxi services in Africa. We can only achieve this with your partnership.

Why Diani Taxi Services?

Traveling by taxi to Nairobi from Mombasa beats all forms of public transportation. These are some of the benefits you will enjoy when traveling with us to Nairobi.

Endless bathroom breaks. Traveling by bus means you get one or two bathroom breaks. Most people have to avoid fluids because of this inconvenience. When you travel by taxi, you can stop by the bathroom as many times as you need. Just let your driver know, and you will be at the next bathroom stop in no time. You can confidently stay hydrated during the trip.

Space and comfort. Next, you do not have to deal with squeezed sitting arrangements. We provide your group with enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. You will also have enough room for your luggage.

Snack and souvenir shop. Feeling a little famished but did not bring enough snacks? Your driver will stop at a convenience store where you can get snacks. You can also stop at the local markets for souvenirs and produce.
Safety. Private taxi services means that your luggage and belongings are safe.

Freedom to vibe. And finally, you and your crew will have the freedom to play your favorite music, talk, and even fall asleep since you have the privacy to do so. You won’t be bothering anyone!

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