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The Kenyan coastline has an array of beach vacation destinations. Each has its strengths and something different to offer. But they are all exciting places to visit.

The two most popular beach destinations in Kenya are Mombasa/ north cost and Diani/south cost. Mombasa stands as the county’s capital, with a thriving population, beach accommodation options, and access to the best tourist hotspots. Diani offers a more relaxed vibe, luxurious accommodations, and a 5-time award-winning title.

Getting the most out of your beach vacation involves heading to multiple spots for some travelers. Therefore, you will find yourself in Mombasa, then move to the luxurious Diani referred as south coast.

But to accomplish this, you need an efficient transportation system. Diani beach is just a 90-minute drive from Mombasa. The road is smooth, with lots of great views. Additionally, it is affordable. You and your friends would enjoy this short road trip.

If you do not have a rental car, do not risk using random taxis to get you there. We encourage you to trust our taxi service. Our drivers will transfer you from a predetermined location in Mombasa to Diani Beach.
We are dedicated to giving you a fast and secure ride at an affordable price.

Why Use Taxi Services?

So why should you go for our taxi services? Our favorite reasons include:
  • Affordability. Many independent taxis set their fares which could be expensive at times. With our taxi services, you won’t have to worry about overpricing. Per industry standards, we set fixed prices on our Mombasa to Diani Beach transfer.
  • Easy Communication. Are you foreign and worried about the language barrier with your taxi driver? Well, our taxi services can help. Our drivers will be able to communicate with you so you can ask questions and give instructions easily.
  • Experience. All our drivers have extensive experience. They know the roads well and take the safest route to your destination. Local knowledge helps you get to your destination faster. Additionally, they are careful smooth drivers.
  • Certification. You won’t have to worry about run-ins with the law that will delay your transfer. All our drivers are certified with valid updated licenses.
  • Professionalism. And finally, all our drivers have a professional demeanor. Expect polite encounters, friendly conversation, and an overall pleasant time.

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We love the Kenyan coast, and you will too. You can get the most out of your Mombasa-Diani trip by choosing Diani taxi transfer services. We are safe, fast, and reliable so call us today as we never disappoint.

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